Tough Love Doesn't Work On My Mental Illness

Your tough love doesn't work on my mental illness. Period. Your dismissive attitude towards me  doesn't work on my mental illness either. I head the words "snap out of it" or "man up" or "other people have things worse than you". But, these words don't encourage me. They only make me feel worthless and hopeless and that I am a DIY project that needs fixing. 

Inside my bordeline mind

People want to know what it feels like to live with BPD (emotional unstable personality disorder. FACTS: Bpd is a serious mental illness / disorder which affect the personality functions of a person through their emotional dysregulation. It feels like you aren't living at all some days and others feeling so alive, sometimes too alive. You are someone that feels the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Some days you can feel somewhat normal but you are easily triggered by the smallest of things.  Feeling unheard is a thing we battle a lot even when spoken too, we read into things more than others, B y the way someone looks at their watch while talking to you. Makes you feel unheard. Being easily triggered sets you off... you quickly abandon everything. Everything goes. Relationships are hard, you find yourself pushing everyone away even though the voice within you want you to keep them near, for security. But you are also very aware your behaviours will strain relati

Five things I wish people knew about BPD

Living with BPD, in my experience, comes with a double whammy of difficulties. As if the various aspects of borderline personality disorder are not difficult enough, the condition tends to be very misunderstood and stigmatised.   These are the top 5 things I wish people understood about my BPD. But please before I get started remember everyone with a BPD diagnosis is an individual and so your list may look very different to mine! But that’s okay! So here is my list.... 

Living with BPD (emotional unstable personality disoder)

If you follow me on Twitter , YouTube or Facebook you will have probably seen me talk about BPD which is Borderline Personality Disorder or otherwise know in the UK as EUPD. EUPD stands for Emotion Unstable Personality Disorder. It's taken me a while to write on my blog that I struggle with a personality disorder. Why, because they are very stigmatised. It's 100 times harder than saying "I have depression" the word "personality" makes me feel like something is wrong with my character. It feels like since I got the diagnosis that everyone is just making fun of me because I was so used to being diagnosed with Depression, anxiety, anorexia and Autism. My Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are much much smaller platforms than my blog and that's why they both felt like a safe haven for some time to talk about my personality disorder and to not talk about it on here. If you would prefer to watch a video on living with BPD (emotional unstable personality di

Autism And Mental Health - Getting personal

Imagine being 16 and being told that you will and have been living with a learning disability all your life. You never knew you had or even suspected. You learn that the disability had been colouring your every interaction you had made with the world. From the way you perceive sensory things like sounds and lights to the way you communicate with others.