AA skincare essentials collection - Frankincense & Rose Toner

June 28, 2019
If you have read my blog previously you will know that I am a huge fan of AA Skincare or otherwise known as Amphora Aromatics. The lovely people at AA Skincare yet again sent me some goodies to try and review so that’s what I’m doing today. 
The AA Skincare Essentials range has recently been reimaged and reformulated. It’s packed with natural ingredients that offer a natural solution to a spectrum of skincare problems. The products are made with natural extracts, pure essential oils and are free of parabens and artificial colours. What more could you ask from a brands products? If that doesn’t make you want to buy from them well... their core values are sourcing the best quality ingredients and creating innovative formulas at an affordable price. Affordable skincare is a HUGE yes yes from me. 

I was sent the Francincense and Rose face toner which retails at £7.98.  It is a calming and balancing face toner which can be used on all skin types to rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin, because of this it’s especially good for dry, mature and damaged skin. It retails at 
Refreshing and fragrant damask rose water is combined with the hydrating and toning Frankincense water which gently refreshes and prepares the skin for moisturising. 

The formula of Frankincense and Roase combines natural ingredients including: pomegranate, white willow bark and honeysuckle. Which creates the calming and  balancing feeling for daily use. 

You can use the toner to refresh a tired face throughout the day or to cool your face on a hot day or before you moisturise. 

Since summer is here AA Skincare brought out, which is perfect for hand-luggage to keep skin refreshed and hydrated whilst travelling. Which retails for ONLY £3.95 for 50mls. 

I also received a sample of the lavender and tea tree moisturising face lotion. Which for 100mls retails for £6.95. I found it very cooling and refreshing on the face. It has natural is antiseptic, antifugal and antibacterial. 

It’s perfect for acne prone skin (which I have), spots and blemishes. Lavender and tea trea are both natural antibacteria and antifungal oils that can be of great help in regenerating and healing skin. The lotion is fast absorbing and helps to tone and restore the skin too. 

Have you tried AA Skincare products? What did you think about them? 

All opinions are my own though. 


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  1. Wonderful product, Becca! What made this product more perfect is that it may be perfect for making a natural solution!

  2. Thanks for the information Becca, that seems to be a really nice product. When it comes to moisturising your skin -

    • Your skin needs more moisture in winter than in summer, so the same day you bring those sweaters down from the attic for the winter, buy a heavier moisturizer.

    • When it comes to a good moisturizer I would highly recommend the Venofye Queen Bee Day Moisturizer ( http://bit.ly/2xVuYR7 ), as it has worked wonders for me over the years. It works like magic!!

    • Long, hot showers strip your skin of the moisture and wash away the protective oils. Limiting your showers to no more than ten minutes and keeping the water as cool as you can stand can surely help limit the loss. For a younger looking skin, lock-in moisture by applying a cream or lotion within three minutes of exiting the bathtub or shower.

    • For softer, younger looking hands and feet, wait until right before going to bed to slather on moisturizing cream, then slip on thin-fabric socks and gloves. It’s like a spa treatment, and you won’t get your sheets oily or rub off the cream.

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