Cruelty Free St Enochs | Body Shop Glasgow Bloggers Event

May 21, 2019
I was kindly invited to my first ever bloggers event by thebloggerswhobrunchglasgow  at The Body Shop at ST Enochs in Glasgow recently. Yes, I was nervous but I was also incredibly excited too. The first initial five or so minutes were slightly awkward but after that us bloggers chatted away like we had met each other many a time before.

The blogger event lasted two hours. It was a quick two hours I must admit. I had great fun. Though, at the start I was nervous. This was my first ever blogger event attendance and I didn't know a single person who was attending either. The most nerve-wracking thing was it was in the body shop, a huge beauty and skin care brand and it was certainly an honour to be able to attend. I was nervous because I didn't feel like I was a "good enough" blogger to be able to go. But, what is classed as a good enough blogger? Everyone has their own opinions on that and mine unlike very other opinion I have of my self is very harsh. Though, I am currently working on positive self talk.

The whole event was delivered beautifully and I met some amazing bloggers and influencers who I wouldn't have met without this event, bonus. It was fabulous learning more about the body shop and just having that time to browse the store without feeling pressured. It was also amazing learning about their new products and things they are helping with global warning.

The body shops mission is to tackle the plastic crisis differently and how they are  fighting for people and the planet with Community Trade recycled plastic from Bengaluru, India. Their trade will help empower the waste pickers they support with access to sanitary working conditions. But also a fair price and the respect and the recognition they deserve, but currently rarely get. 

There is no secret that plastic pollution is a global crisis. In fact, the planet in drowning in it. It affects marine and ocean life but too, it affects humans and animals. 

In india almost a third of waste is uncollected. This has risen waste collectors to almost 1.5 million people. Waste collectors collect the waste in an informal unsanitary sector. The body shop in Bengalurun are working on organising with Green Force who work with the waste pickers who work tirdlessly to clean up the city's streets. Waste pickers are people who are heroes who aren't thought about enough. 
Waste pickers are mostly made up of Dalits which are formally known as untouchables, which is the lowest social group in India's social class.  Dalits incredibly vulnerable to discrimination and work in ghastly working conditions. 
The Body Shop are wanting to do more than just fight pollution, they want to drive social change and too help empower people. 

When I think of an ethically performing beauty brands I instantly think of the body shop and so do older age groups (for instance my mum). The body shop have been continuously campaigning to end animal testing sinice 1989 and were also credited widely for creating the fair-trade movement in the beauty industry.

At the same time as launching the banana special edition products they too launched the special edition ginger body care treats which are enriched with ginger root extract from India. 

The banana and ginger collection which is made by real banana puree made from wonky/ mis-shaped bananas that few supermarkets will buy. This helps the small scale community trade farmers stay afloat in a saturated farming buisness against larger bigger scaled farms. 

How do the banana and ginger ranges it help the workers?

It helps them not to loose out on money for their aesthetically pleasing produce which helps them compete with the largerplantations and stay afloat in an exploitative industry. 

The  new products join the brands loved banana shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Did you know that one banana shampoo is sold every four seconds? Isn't that astonishing? The new range brings out the super-rich nourishing body butter, the hyaluronic-acid infused body yogurt and along with the extra-indulgent shower cream. The entire banana line is also 100% vegan. The banana products have a lovely creamy banana and coconut scent which is perfect for summertime. 

The lovely people at the body shop gave all us bloggers a gift bag and also 25% off the shop for that night only (what a steal). 

Becca x
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