Soph x Revolution - extra spice eye-shadow palette

August 11, 2018
So as many of you will know I do love makeup revolution. It's probably in my top 5 makeup brands. I have reviewed two of their products in the past which are: the blush palettes and the iconic lights contour & pro kit. When I saw that makeup revolution brought out a palette with SophDoesNails I was super excited. In fact ecstatic. I mean one of my favourite youtubers and makeup brands coming together with an eye-shadow palette was my idea of heaven. I know, i'm running late to the hype of the palette as my local superdrug kept being sold out of it, to my disgust. But I think this proves just how popular it has been. 

The packaging is beautiful. The front is a metallic rose gold colour with a mirroring effect. However it does get dirty quite quickly with finger prints and other makeup products near it. The back a light baby peach/ pink. The inside of the palette is a baby peach/ pink colour which makes all the shades pop in the palette.I do love a big mirror in an eye-shadow palette (it's something I look for). I also loved the shade names. Which are named after food and Taylor Swift references (which are under each eye-shadow) and how the palette comes with 18 different shades. I did love how one of the shades was called cheesecake, cheesecake is my absolute favoutite pudding. If cheesecake is on offer pudding is always in the equation. 

When I opened the palette, I fell instantly in love with all the shimmers. I knew the silver metallic shade, infinity, would be a lovely inner corner shade or all other the lid for an even more dramatic look which would be perfect for nights out. I haven't ever owned a shade similar to it. 

The 18 shades range from wearable everyday shades to bright more out there shades. The range of neutral and dark shades also drew me in. I love the range of everyday colours to more out there colours. The palette also comes with a range of shimmers and matte shades. Which instantly refreshed me as I find it quite hard to find palettes which give you both mattes and shimmers these days. This makes it a versatile palette for both day and night time use, perfect for us who go out on nights out.  

For just £10 I would say this palette is a bargain for what it has to offer. I would personally pay more for it. You can buy the whole makeup revolution range at and have enjoyed using the palette each and every-time I have. 

Next on my purchase list is a nude lipsticks that Soph brought out with makeup revolution which are £4 and she has 3 shades out and then proably the Soph highlighter palette. I mean you cant ever have too much highlighters!

Have you purchased the Soph x revolution extra spice palette? If so whats your favourite shade? Mines has to be romance as its a beautiful burgandy shimmery shade, perfect for all over the lid. But then cookie dough is a perfect transition shade eek, it's too hard to decide. 



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