Celebrating small victories and wins

July 28, 2018
We are all known to "dumbing down" on our victories and wins or as I say "i don't like to toot my own horn". I don't like to toot my own horn for many a reason. One being that it feels 'wrong' or i don't want to seem like i'm bragging or solely because well... we are so accustomed to drawing ourselves to the negatives. Us as humans always seem to think of the negatives over the positives. There is always some way we could better ourselves in x,y and z.

So you may be thinking "but I have nothing to be celebrate, nothing has happened I can celebrate". Well, I can tell you right now there is always and I mean ALWAYS something to celebrate. Sometimes things stick out to us to celebrate for instance a birthday, getting a new job, graduating university, getting a better grade than you expected, reaching goals or major milestones. However, other times we have to search for things to celebrate. Well you woke up today if your reading this, you can celebrate that.

But why would I celebrate waking up today you may be thinking. Well, waking up is a gift. But how you are probably asking yourself? By waking up another day you have been given another opportunity to make a difference, work towards your goals and dreams and spent it with your loved ones. Now, isn't this something to celebrate? Of course it is. How can I celebrate it? You can just give thanks to having another day.

Now, we can't always be bringing out cakes, candles, champagne, cards ect. Wouldn't it be nice todo though, but we would look a bit weird if we did that. It would also get in the way of other important tasks we have to do in our day to day lives.

How can i celebrate small victories and wins?
  1. Get yourself into a nice long, relaxing bath with a nice lit candle, calming music and a bath bomb. 
  2. Make your favourite meal or snack. We all have that go to food that makes our souls happy and that's what we need to do even when we have a small victory. 
  3. Accepting praise off of other people. I know, if your like me it's hard to take. Try and remember people don't just dish praise willy nilly. They do it because they think you did a good job and it needs recognised. 
  4. On the topic of praise, give yourself praise! Yes at first it can be hard to do but with doing it more and more it becomes easier and more ingrained in us to do so. It can become second nature just like talking negatively to ourselves becomes second nature. 
  5. Gratitude journal.  A gratitude journal is a way you can keep track of what you have celebrated. It's nice to look back and think "wow I have accomplished a lot, go me". 

Why should I celebrate the small things?

By celebrating we increase happiness and positivity. It also improves your confidence and self-esteem. You do this by taking the time and energy to be proud of yourself. You are giving yourself credit when its due, but as I said above we are so entrenched in comparing and criticising ourselves. As I wrote about the law of attraction a couple posts back. Well, that applys to this. As we are constantly role models to others. If we think we are or we are not, we are. If people here us constantly moaning, growning and putting ourselves down well, that is what they learn to do as well as it's a learnt behavior. We learn from others every single day without even realising.  They also will associate that behaviour with you so to put it bluntly, change it. You really don't want to be known as the "Negative Nancy" that everyone hates to be around. By taking time time to yourself, for you to celebrate is going to reinforce that you are the most important person. Yes, YOU are the most important person. 

Right, I know what you are now thinking and that is "why am I the most important person". Well, I had someone not so long ago explain it to me. I was going through a rough patch and couldn't see why I was "the important one", I always thought everyone else was so much more important. But with them having explaining it to me it clicked. So why am I the most important person. You are the most important person because you have to rely on yourself, fend for yourself day in day out. You only have you at the end of the day, well usually we have loved ones but they aren't always around 24/7. 

What was something you celebrated today? For me it was baking a lovely cake that yes, didn't look how I wanted as I misjudged where I put some blue icing on the cake but I made it work. I worked the blue icing around the cake and it ended up if i say so myself looking very pretty. In fact, I liked the way the blue came out so much I think i will try it again at some point in the future. 



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