Amphora Aromatics Shampoo Bars

June 03, 2017
Hey my lovelies, hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I have had a pretty amazing weekend so far as its my birthday weekend. Today I have a post all about the Amphora Aromatics solid shampoo bars that i was kindly sent over. Now I personally only have the brilliantly balancing shampoo bar but I am going to add in descriptions about all of the range as i know not everyone will have normal to oily hair like me. There are all together there is eight different shampoo bars you can buy and all suit different hair types. 

So what is a solid shampoo bar you may be wondering, well its basically a solid version of a liquid shampoo. I have only ever used the lush solid shampoo bars and I fell in love with them so i definitely had high hopes for the Amphora Aromatics shampoo bar. I thought I would include the price of both Amphora Aromatics and lush's shampoo bars just as a comparison. Lush's shampoo bars are £6.25 and the Amphora Aromatics are £5.94. I found that the Amphora Aromatics shampoo bar lathered in the hand more than the lush ones I have tried so that was a bonus for me as it makes it much easier to lather on the hair. 

How do I use a solid shampoo bar? Well, there are two ways you can... Firstly my favorite was is to rub it in your wet hand and then apply it to wet hair as you would any another shampoo, this way is easier to get the product distributed through the hair and takes less time. The other way is to rub the shampoo bar onto wet hair, this takes much longer and it is easy to miss places. 

Why so I personally love shampoo bars over normal liquid shampoos? Well, you get much less wastage with a solid shampoo as I find that with liquid shampoos I always have product that actually doesn't make it into my hair. Also with a solid shampoo you get more hair washes with it. So essentially you are saving your money and who doesn't love saving money, that could over time be an extra lippie or go towards a holiday. 

I have included blurb about all the shampoo bars that Amphora Aromatics have on offer so I hope you can find a shampoo bar that works for you. 

Brilliantly Balancing shampoo bar

What the product claims: energising and uplifting, this refreshing cocktail of citrus fruits is a miracle-worker for hair health and growth.  Purifying and balancing, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils work to reduce scalp build up and excess oil – adding shine and condition as well as soothing itchy skin and stimulating hair growth.  Use regularly on greasy and oily hair.

What I thought: I used this shampoo for the first time the day after having dry shampoo and hairspray in my hair and I must say it did a fabulous job of taking all the product out. The shampoo bar smelt lemony but it wasn't at all over powering. I did applied the shampoo and then washed it off twice as i would any other shampoo and it left my hair feel so clean, probably cleaner than it has been in ages (was well chuffed). After my second day of unwashed hair my hair wasn't greasy and well, I usually need to wash my hair on the second evening so this was a MASSIVE bonus to me!

Botanical Boost Shampoo Bar
Rejuvenating Frankincense and vitamin-rich Avocado oil act as a natural tonic to help stimulate hair growth and calm skin.  Working together with anti-oxidant packed Argan oil and aromatic Rose oil to breathe new life into flat, dull hair by helping improve texture and give damaged and colour-treated hair a moisture boost.  Rose Geranium oil is added to the mix to strengthen hair, naturally.  For all hair types.

Twilight Shampoo Bar

Warming, uplifting and comforting to soothe dry scalps and strengthen hair.  A shot of mineral-rich Cinnamon and Clove essential oils help stimulate circulation and encourage healthy hair growth.  Calming Peppermint oil steps in to soothe, with extracts of Nettle working to strengthen and improve hair quality.  Nourishing Coconut oil moisturises and conditioners, making hair more manageable.  For dry hair.

Lifestyle Shampoo Bar

This bar is the business.  A super herb blend featuring regenerative Lavender, aromatic Rosemary and enriching Chamomile to revitalise and restore dry, flaky scalps.  Vitamin and mineral-rich coconut nourishes and conditions itchy hair.  Regular massaging with this shampoo will help stimulate and nourish scalps, helping reduce any dandruff.  For itchy, dry hair.

Illuminate Blonde Shampoo Bar

Breathe life back into dry hair with this nutritious blend.  Omega 3-rich Almond oil gets to grips with weak follicles, encouraging growth and strength.  Antioxidant-rich Geranium essential oil helps repair and rejuvenate damaged hair and works to strengthen and protect.  Blended with Lemon peel oil and formulated to boost shine and condition.  For dry and damaged hair.

Almond Shampoo Bar

Give dull hair a health boost with nourishing Almond oil.  Bursting with vitamins A, D & E, this bar will help nurture damaged hair back to health, adding condition and shine.  Antioxidant rich to stimulate circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth, it also features Omega 3 to strengthen follicles, leaving hair well hydrated and silky.  Perfect for dry, dull and damaged hair.

Intense Coconut

An intensely moisturising coconut shampoo bar.  Let hair soak up the nourishing properties of vitamin and mineral-rich coconut – leaving it strong and healthy.  Adds luste, shine and softness as well as promoting scalp health and encouraging growth.  Perfect for dry or damaged hair.

Zing Fresh

A powerhouse for hair, the combination of Peppermint essential oil and Coconut oil works to both refresh and rejuvenate by cooling and helping treat itchy scalps as well as stimulating hair growth.  Restoring hair health and quality it will also help reduce any excess oil – leaving it shiny, smooth and hydrated.  For oily, dry & damaged hair.

So, whats my verdict... I will be purchasing another of the Amphora Aromatics solid shampoo bars when mine runs out and I am looking forward to trying more of their products as well.

Have you tried solid shampoo bars, if so why do you like them or even not like them.

Lots of love


*I was kindly sent the shampoo bar by Amphora Aromatics BUT as always my views are 100% my own.

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  1. These sound amazing! I feel like my hair needs a real deep clean and this might just be the product to do it šŸ‘

    1. The one i got really deep cleaned my hair and tool out all the product i had in my hair and i had so much product in it. If you try one out defos let me know how you get on!

  2. These sound amazing! Definitely going to have to check these out!

  3. these bars seem to be amazing. I never tried a shampoo bar but I've seen a few and maybe I'll try one this year (I'm currently trying to finish some bottles of shampoo)


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