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Thank You...

Thank you.
What does thank you mean to you?

For me it makes me feel proud of myself, worth, helpful, reliable and like I have made a good difference in someones life. Thank you's usually bring positive and fulfilling emotions.

Recent posts

Beauty Bay Haul | plus discount code

Recently I have purchased a few things from  Beauty Bay and I thought that I would share with you what I purchased. I haven't done a haul in ages and thought that I would change things up and you all might enjoy seeing the new products I have purchased. 

PAPYRUS and HOPELINEUK - preventing young people from suicide

If you’ve followed me on social media/ my blog for a while you will know I’m an advocate of positive mental health and I have shared some of my own personal stories previously about what I’ve been through (though keeping it to minimal detail and as positive as possible). Today I want to talk about PAPYRUS who run HOPELINE UK for young people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

House of sparklez uk | cosmetic glitters

I have seen House of Sparklez UK; a vegan, cruelty-free brand. Which I’ve seen on Instagram for a long while and heard loads of people raving that it was one of their favourite brands and that their prices are really affordable, unlike others . I decided that I would buy a couple of their products to see what they were like because as you all know I love makeup a lot.. House of Sparklez UK sell a range of glitters, highlighters and false eyelashes but as I don’t wear false eyelashes and have more than enough highlighters. So I decided for the moment to buy two glitters.

Maybe I'm not meant to be that girl?

I've always wondered why I've never been the girl with lots of friends. I have always been a little different. I was popular enough with most in my year at school but tended to float between different groups of people. I  would watch (social media is great for making you feel included!) people in my year going to parties and getting drunk. But invitations rarely came my way. Spending my weekends alone or with family. I've always wished I could be more like those party people. I've always questioned, what's wrong with me? 

Cafe Ceramico - Family friendly ceramic painting

Cafe Ceramico is a family run business. Which caters for family oriented pottery painting whilst also having the addition of a soft play area. Cafe Ceramico is situated in the Kelvin area of East Kilbride (which is near Glasgow).  With opening hours: 9:30 - 5PM everyday (apart from a couple days over christmas and new year!)

CafeCeramico is an ideal place for families, or a special treat and somewhere to come and make a personalised present for a loved one or friend. You can also pop in for a bite to eat or just coffee and cake at their cafe for a get together and blether. 

This time at there cafe I had hummus and pitta bread with some tortilla chips and an unpictured, delicious, caramel tiffin and hot chocolate with cream and marsh mallows. It was yum yum and very reasonably priced.
Cafe ceramico also do brilliant birthday parties (they threw me and my twins very first birthday party!). They also cater for groups like the  brownies, after school cares, special needs and youth clubs etc.…