Swarovski Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Zodiac signs have been something I have always been intrigued about. I like to read about all the different signs. I know some people don't believe in them, but personally I do. I mean, yes, I don't have every trait of my sign and I bet you don't either. So, you might be wondering... what sign are you Becca? Well, I am a Gemini. This is quite fitting for me as I'm funnily enough an identical twin. The Gemini sign is twins, if you didn't know that.

Rolo & Smarties Rocky Road - Recipe

So as many of you may or may not be aware I love baking. It's a hobby of mine. It's something I can get creative with and I love being creative. Baking is something I have loved since I was a wee kid. When ever I bake now it takes me back to the times I baked with my siblings and mum as a wee kid, chocolate crispy cakes were my childhood, and we would lick the bowl clean. I mean, you can't bake without licking the bowl. Today's post is about the magnificent rocky road I made for leaving high school back in June and to give to my teachers, all of which loved it. Though, if rocky road isn't your thing I have a previous post on a oreo red velvet cake you might enjoy reading about. 

Why do people wear makeup

Makeup is something a lot of us women, girls and some men love wearing because it's something that personally makes me feel good about myself. If your like me you enjoy putting together makeup looks. Seeing the thing you design in your head come together which is pleasing. Yes, sometimes things don't work out as well as you hope but makeup at the end of the day is trial and error like most things in life. You don't just become amazing at makeup over night. You practice, practice and practice more. There is nothing nicer than having someone compliment a makeup look you have created. It makes you feel happy. 

Soph x Revolution - extra spice eye-shadow palette

So as many of you will know I do love makeup revolution. It's probably in my top 5 makeup brands. I have reviewed two of their products in the past which are: the blush palettes and the iconic lights contour & pro kit. When I saw that makeup revolution brought out a palette with SophDoesNails I was super excited. In fact ecstatic. I mean one of my favourite youtubers and makeup brands coming together with an eye-shadow palette was my idea of heaven. I know, i'm running late to the hype of the palette as my local superdrug kept being sold out of it, to my disgust. But I think this proves just how popular it has been. 

30 worst things to say to someone struggling with low mood/ depression

I thought I would put together the 30 most annoying/ worst things to say to someone struggling with low mood or depression. However, I also wanted to include ways in which you can help someone who is currently struggling (it could be a loved one, friend or colleague who may be struggling) and you don't know how best to help and support them. It can be hard to know how to support someone through a tough, tricky time. 

Top 15 self-care affirmations

"I am" is a powerful, very powerful phrase. But have you ever thought why it is? I hadn't until now and before I properly jump into this post I would explain. So the phrase "I am" is literally and i mean literally instructing yourself to think, believe and feel a specific way. By saying "I am" you are telling your subconscious mind what to let into your awareness or what to filter out and discard of.

budget friendly stationary haul for students

As back to school, college and uni is quickly approaching us I thought I would share with you some of the stationary bits I have picked up. There is still some bits I need like a ring binder and a planner but I thought that seeing as I have mostly everything I need now I would just do the post. I do also have another note book and some black pens but they are just your bog-standard note book and black pens so... boring. 

Review of the Amphora Aromatics Jasmin, Mimosa & Rosehip Face Cream

Ever wanted an intensely hydrating moisturiser that keeps your skin radiant, firm and supple all day long? Well, you've come to the right place. Today I am reviewing the Amphora Aromatics jasmin, mimosa & rosehip face creams.

Do you remember my post on the Amphora Aromatics shampoo bars? So who are Amphora Aromatics? Well, they are a company based in Bristol specialising in aromatherapy and natural skincare. They have just been awarded two 2018 natural beauty awards (Green parent's natural beauty awards and Natural health magazines beauty awards).  They recently won in the 2018 beauty shortlist awards. 

5 key areas of self-care

Lets define what self-care is before we get into this post. So what is it actually? Self-care is an activity that we do consciously to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. Good self-care is crucial to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety. Self-care is also key to having a sound relationship with yourself and others.

My photography

Photography is a passion and hobby of mine. It has been since I was 13 or 14 years old, I'm now 18. Photography is a way I can express my creative side. Photography is something that's special. It captures precious memories and seconds of history that we cant go back to, but we can always go flicking through photos. I guess that's why i love photography as it captures precious moments and when you look back through them you somewhat relive the memories. Photos are marvelous things.

Celebrating small victories and wins

We are all known to "dumbing down" on our victories and wins or as I say "i don't like to toot my own horn". I don't like to toot my own horn for many a reason. One being that it feels 'wrong' or i don't want to seem like i'm bragging or solely because well... we are so accustomed to drawing ourselves to the negatives. Us as humans always seem to think of the negatives over the positives. There is always some way we could better ourselves in x,y and z.