I feel like a fraud to my eating disorder

I feel like a fraud, most of the time and to be more exact I feel a fraud in terms of my anorexia which i have talked about before on here and I will leave links to some of the posts and a video at the end about my anorexia story (would be lovely if you could subscribe to my channel).

Inside my bordeline mind

People want to know what it feels like to live with BPD (emotional unstable personality disorder. FACTS: Bpd is a serious mental illness / disorder which affect the personality functions of a person through their emotional dysregulation. It feels like you aren't living at all some days and others feeling so alive, sometimes too alive. You are someone that feels the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Some days you can feel somewhat normal but you are easily triggered by the smallest of things.  Feeling unheard is a thing we battle a lot even when spoken too, we read into things more than others, B y the way someone looks at their watch while talking to you. Makes you feel unheard. Being easily triggered sets you off... you quickly abandon everything. Everything goes. Relationships are hard, you find yourself pushing everyone away even though the voice within you want you to keep them near, for security. But you are also very aware your behaviours will strain relati

AA skincare essentials collection - Frankincense & Rose Toner

If you have read my blog previously you will know that I am a huge fan of AA Skincare or otherwise known as Amphora Aromatics. The lovely people at AA Skincare yet again sent me some goodies to try and review so that’s what I’m doing today.  The AA Skincare Essentials range has recently been reimaged and reformulated. It’s packed with natural ingredients that offer a natural solution to a spectrum of skincare problems. The products are made with natural extracts, pure essential oils and are free of parabens and artificial colours. What more could you ask from a brands products? If that doesn’t make you want to buy from them well... their core values are sourcing the best quality ingredients and creating innovative formulas at an affordable price. Affordable skincare is a HUGE yes yes from me.  I was sent the Francincense and Rose face toner  which retails at £7.98.  It is a calming and balancing face toner which can be used on all skin types to rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin, beca

Five things I wish people knew about BPD

Living with BPD, in my experience, comes with a double whammy of difficulties. As if the various aspects of borderline personality disorder are not difficult enough, the condition tends to be very misunderstood and stigmatised.   These are the top 5 things I wish people understood about my BPD. But please before I get started remember everyone with a BPD diagnosis is an individual and so your list may look very different to mine! But that’s okay! So here is my list.... 

All the sorry and then some more...

Okay, hands up if you catch yourself saying sorry or apologising more times than you care to mention or count. *slowly raises hand* You know the times: ·         Sorry (when someone stands on your foot) ·         Sorry, for the delay in replying to an email or text ·         Sorry to interrupt you ·         Sorry, I didn't mean to make you cross ·         Sorry, I have removed notifications from my phone And, so on and so on it goes.