Self Fufilment And Why It Is So Important

May 25, 2019
We all face stress and pressures throughout our lives and different pressures at different times. These range from getting great grades at high school all the way through to the pressure to get a ‘good’, ‘well paid’ or dream’ job when we get older. Although sadly stress is unavoidable and is part of life. However, when we are faced with a great amount of pressure and stress it is all too easy to feel as though you we are stuck or have failed. Although, deep down somewhere we know that  it’s simply not true. But, yet when we are faced with the pressure of what we feel is expected of us, even if it really isn’t as much as we expect. It causes more stress and pressure which then gets overwhelming.
It is very important to focus on personal fulfilment. Put an emphasis on the goals you want to achieve and not the goals that your friends, family, social media and society feel you should achieve. Personal fulfilment allows us to focus on the things that really matter to us as individual people. giving is the reigns and the freedom to look at and assess what we think is most valuable in our lives, and what will make us happy.
It is easier said than done. It is worthwhile to take small, manageable steps to cause the least amount of extra stress. Take it  step by step to ease ourselves into a new way of looking and feeling about things. 
Here are some simple steps that you can carry out to help reduce/ prevent extra stress and help boost personal fulfilment.

Mental Health
There is a stigma around mental health, yet it is such an important subject that we need to feel free to talk about. Unfortunately in the UK it’s  estimated that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem each and every year. This statistic highlights why it is so important to create an open and positive discussion around mental health.
Mental health is often a complex issue. However there are steps that we can take to reduce factors of worry and stress which have a very negative impact on mental health. Focusing on positivity and ways to boost your mental well-being has the opposite affect and can be incredibly positive to mental health. Although, it is largely depend on ua as individuals, some ideas which may help include making more time for yourself and self care as well as trying gentle exercise or even having a digital detox every so often. 

Generosity and Charity
It is important to focus on yourself however, it shouldn’t  ever be overlooked that sometimes small acts of kindness and generosity can be a great way to help us feel good about ourselves.
Even when it feels like you don’t have anything to give. You do. It doesn’t need to be money you give to charity, you could volunteer and give a couple hours a week to a charity to help them out. Not only would you be proud of yourself but you will also meet new people and spread your wings a bit. 
Make sure you pick a charity you feel passionate about and do some research into them. That way it can help to motivate you. 

Live your life 
This  probably sounds obvious but there is so much wasted time that  goes into when you’re busy worrying about things that are completely out of your control. Instead of spending hours on end scrolling through your social media and picking yourself apart. Or feeling stuck in a rut. Or spending time doing something you don’t enjoy just because you feel ‘obligated’ to. Why don’t you put that time to good use and do something you actually want to do? It could be finding time for a bubble bath or going out for a walk. These are the small moments of escape from the chaos of everyday life. It can help wonders for both your health and well-being.  
Remember, you are the MOST important person in your life and at the end of the day you only have yourself to fall back on. Your health, happiness and life goals are your main priority above anything else. The journey to self fulfilment can be long, but it will eventually happen. You just need to keep the hope and the rewards will keep you going through the rough times.

Becca x


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