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May 20, 2019
Paperless post was created to reinvent and reimagine invitations and cards. Millions of people use paperless technologies and expressive' designs to celebrate the most important life occasion. So why couldn’t you do the same with flyers and cards? Paperless post allows you to send and receive post online quickly and easier. 

About Paperless post
All of the products by paperlesses are designed, developed and deployed in-house. They are serious about what and how they do it and making sure that they are scaling quickly and smartly.
What paperless post have  built/ building is what they’re selling. The technology theyr’e developing isn’t in support of selling some other product, it is the product. It’s what people see. It’s what people pay for, which makes it the core of the business.
Participate in a culture of learning.
Paperless post know the most important ingredients for a healthy, happy workplace are autonomy, transparency, sustainability, and empathy.
Customers of paperless post pay them for a product they love and can in fact tweak to their own liking. Paperless post have never had to use ad sponsors or third parties due to the.
Is Paperless Post free?
Paperless post have hundreds of free card designs, however there is a minimal cost for premium cards and premium upgrades which also cost a little bit more.
The starting cost on the website is displayed is per recipient and also, excludes premium options. You can add or remove premium options (including envelopes, liners, backdrops, and logos) when you’re creating your custom design. The current cost of your card per recipient will always appear at the top right corner of the design tool when you're creating your card.
What are Coins?
Coins are used to purchase online cards and also add premium options. You can purchase coins on the buy coins page or right even before you are ready to send. Personally I recommend the latter so you know exactly how many Coins you need.
How much do Coins cost?
You can purchase Coins on the Buy Coins page anytime. I would highly recommend that you purchase right before you are ready to send something so that you know exactly how many Coins you need.
There are designer cards which are pre made and easy to make your own. From brands including: Kate Spade, HELLO!LUCKY, Liberty Fabrics, Paddington Bear, Sugar Paper and many other brands. But don't forget you can create your own with your own creative and initiative. 
Hope you enjoyed learning about Paperless Post and liked the card I have made and you go by the motto:
 "I've failed  over and over and over in my life and that's why I suceed, never ever giveup.


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