Spring Lush Haul - 30 years of Lush

April 30, 2019
If you watch my Instagram stories you will see that I love baths. I love a bath because of the products I can get for it. I am a huge bath bomb fan... especially when it comes to Lush.  Lush bath bombs turn 30 this year. So, for the celebrations of it's 30th they have brought out 54 new bath bombs. This is the most bath bombs they have ever released at the same time, so you can see why I was incredibly excited. Lush, instead of giving themselves a present/ treat is giving us, the customer the treat and excitement. I couldn't have been more excited when I saw how many new bath bombs they had brought out, which I quickly had my hands on. 

It's been 30 years since the co founder of lush, Mo Constantine, took a few ingredients and turned them into an a fabulous invention. Which over time has changed the way we bath. Mo was inspired by Alka Seltzer tabs. The original blend Mo made has become the inspiration to all of lushes creations we see. yes, including the ones we see today.

Not only have lush brought out new bath bombs for their 30th but they have also brought out some very popular limited edition bath bombs which were all the hype when they were released. They still have the bath bombs which are out all year round which especially pleased me. They have a total of 100 bath bombs out at the moment. Yes, 100. That blows my mind but at the same time, lush do the best bath bombs in my opinion and it just fills me with happieness they have 100 out. 

Lush certainly know how to please their customers. Personally I picked up five of the new releases so far as a wee treat to myself because bath bombs are my favourite thing to use in the bath. I just love watching the patterns form and the colour of the water go from clear to whatever the bath bomb makes the water go. Its just fascinating in my eyes. The scents as well help me create a fantasy of an imaginary world/ place. 

Groovy kind of love - Is a bathbomb which melts into rings of rainbow colours which represents peace, love and positivity. Groovy kind of love was created with hippies in mind. The combination of bergamot and ylang ylang oil helps lift spirits and leave the skin toned, balanced and refreshed. Groovy kind of love retails for £5.95 and is vegan. 

Think Pink - the fuchsia streams like rose coloured ink. It ribbons of Tonka rich water, think funny face, vogue and think pink! A core of sweet magenta that unfolds like fine fabric into a stylish bathing experienced. The softening cornflour and luxurious vanilla combine in clouds of fragrant foam. Allow sunny caramel top notes to carry you away on air of sophistication. lie back, relax and dream away. Think pink retails for £4.75 and is vegan.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds - peace inducing patchouli and frankincense orb which is a silver lining in a bath bomb. You watch the cloud like shapes drift across your bath as tranquil waves of mood boosting patchouli and spicy cinnamon leaf oil which sends worries to another plan. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds retails for £5.95 and is vegan.      

Kitsune - Earthy patchouli, sharp Sicilian red mandarin and toning cedarwood oil help to rebalance and ground ones thoughts. The clever blend is loaded with restoring ingredients which energise and revive the sense of wellbeing. Kitsune shapeshifts through the water. Before you rise from the bath you will be thinking wiser and clearer. 

Rose Bombshell Egg - This was out for Easter so I'm not 100% sure if it is still out however I can still find it on the lush website, so be quick if you want your hands on it. Swap rose bouquets for a rose petal bath. The luxurious floral bath bomb satisfies peoples craving for indulgence, I mean who doesn’t love to indulge themselves? I certainly do. Encased between the two halves of the bath bomb, which are tied together with raffia, which awaits to surprise of cleansing sea salt and dried rose petals ready to infuse milky-soft waters. scented with damask rose absolute and rose oil from Turkish fields, this royal rose-jam perfume will delight and enchant you. Retails at £12.95 and is vegan. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul and let me know what your favourite bath bombs are by lush, especially the ones they have brought out for their 30th birthday. 

Becca x


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  1. I love how these bath bombs are the colour a unicorn would be! They also look summery and cheerful! Really enjoyed reading this post Becca.

    Rachael x www.geminiexplicit.com

  2. I do love a Lush bath bomb. My favourite is the golden egg which they bring out for Easter. I wish they did it all year round!


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