PAPYRUS and HOPELINEUK - preventing young people from suicide

April 05, 2019
If you’ve followed me on social media/ my blog for a while you will know I’m an advocate of positive mental health and I have shared some of my own personal stories previously about what I’ve been through (though keeping it to minimal detail and as positive as possible). Today I want to talk about PAPYRUS who run HOPELINE UK for young people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Do you want to join me in supporting a good cause?  I'm raising money for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Every little helps. Even if it’s a few pennies. You can dontate to my fundraiser here. I’m trying to raise £400.

What PAPYRUS do:

• They run HOPELINEUK. Which is a confidential support and advice service for young people with thoughts of suicide or those concerned about a young person. HOPELINEUK is staffed by professionals trained in suicide intervention skills;

•  They engagewith volunteers and communities in our mission to save young lives;

• They offer a range of suicide prevention training, advice and support;

• They campaign for change and influence national policy;

• They raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding suicide.

HOPELINEUK can support young people to manage their suicidal thoughts/ feelings when they feel they have nobody else to turn to. When everything feels far too much. It gives them a safe space to talk about what they are going through. 

HOPELINEUK is open to young people on 08000684141 and is open between 10am to 10pm weekdays and 2pm to 10pm weekends/bank holidays. 

PAPYRUS have missions, values and visions that they run their charity with. 

Mission- reduce the number of young people who take their own life and by shattering the stigma around suicide and by giving  young people the tools and their communities with the skills to recognise and respond to suicidal behaviour.

Vision - A society which speaks openly about suicide without stigma and has the resources to help young people who have suicidal thoughts

  • Believes that many young suicides are preventable
  • Believes that no young person should suffer alone with thoughts or     feelings of hopelessness 
  • Believes that no one should have to go through the heartbreak of losing a loved one to suicide 
  • Believes that everyone can play a role in preventing young suicide
Please donate anything you can to my fundraiser as it would mean a lot to me and also so many others and hopefully prevent so many suicides. Every school year we loose 200 pupils to suicide in the UK and if that doesn’t speak volumes to you I don’t know what will. Many others struggle, battle suicidal thoughts on the daily as well. It’s heart breaking. 

Here is a list of posts I’ve written previously on the topic of suicide if you are interested in reading more: 

Remember there is ALWAYS hope around the corner no matter how low you feel. People care and love you. 

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