Cafe Ceramico - Family friendly ceramic painting

March 13, 2019
Cafe Ceramico is a family run business. Which caters for family oriented pottery painting whilst also having the addition of a soft play area. Cafe Ceramico is situated in the Kelvin area of East Kilbride (which is near Glasgow).  With opening hours: 9:30 - 5PM everyday (apart from a couple days over christmas and new year!)

Cafe Ceramico is an ideal place for families, or a special treat and somewhere to come and make a personalised present for a loved one or friend. You can also pop in for a bite to eat or just coffee and cake at their cafe for a get together and blether. 

This time at there cafe I had hummus and pitta bread with some tortilla chips and an unpictured, delicious, caramel tiffin and hot chocolate with cream and marsh mallows. It was yum yum and very reasonably priced. 

Cafe ceramico also do brilliant birthday parties (they threw me and my twins very first birthday party!). They also cater for groups like the  brownies, after school cares, special needs and youth clubs etc. You can learn more here.

They also run a Messy Minis class  on a Monday and Tuesday, aimed at preschool children aged 2 plus. Messy Minis costs £6 a session and lets the kids get involved in a creative process playing with paint, gloop, slime or other fun stuff... and the mess is left behind for the friendly team to clean up!

Cafe Ceramico have around 400 pottery styles to choose from. On this occasion I  decided I wanted to paint a ceramic quote, I chose my favourite colour and painted it in acrylic paints (I wanted to take it away today) with a transition from a darker shade to a lighter. I also then added silver streaks lightly down it to give it a bit more character. I resisted the optional glitter finish!

Here is the finished project of the 'Believe' ceramic. Personally I find panting very relaxing even with little ones playing and making mess on tables. Honestly I was in a dream world and it felt so peaceful. On my next visit I might have a go with the underglazed paints and leave my piece to be kiln fired for a sophisticated finish.

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