Stack & Still Glasgow - Review

February 10, 2019
Today I thought I would write a post that is unusual for me to write on here. I wanted to write a review of a restaurant that opened in the heart of Glasgow in October 2018 (just less than a 5 minute walk from the main shopping street). It had a lot of hype online for the opening of it because i mean... who doesn't love pancakes? Oh wait, I didn't yet mention that Stack & Still is a pancake house/ restaurant.

Stack & Still have a self dispensing bar that has a selection of 16 beers, ales, ciders and prosecco. It is Glasgow's first ever self dispensing bar. They have a selection of create your own pancake stack or ones they have created themselves. They also cater for everyone having: buttermilk, buckwheat, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, sugar free or protein pancakes as the base of the stack. You can have savoury or sweet pancakes depending on what toppings you decide to go for.

Stack & Still actually probably had too much hype when they first opened. Me and my mum tried to go the week after it had opened and stood in a line for 40 plus minutes until we gave up. The staff also didn't seem to know what they were doing (at one point counted 8 staff around one till) and we felt that the customer service and the way we were treated was pretty poor. But, I made a vow to myself that I would go back at some point to actually see what the restraint was like when it was up and running and giving the fact that it must be hard for every business to open up and get it 'right' for it opening to the public can be hard.

So, I went back while I was in Glasgow with a friend of mine and I suggested we popped in to see what it was actually like after it had been open a few months. I also had heard off my brother how much he had enjoyed his pancakes so of course I was wanting to try it more when I had heard him praising them (he isn't one to praise restraints nor their food so I knew it would have to be good).

I had a create your own stack. I had so much fun deciding between different toppings and what sort of pancakes and how many pancakes I wanted. After a lot of internal conflict with myself I decided on having a short stack which is three pancakes I chose to have buttermilk pancakes with: meringue, raspberries and chocolate sauce and I also had a pot of tea.

My friend wasn't very hungry but had the rosemary skinny fries and ordered a side of a sausage (which they happily did off of the toppings section which we were very glad to know about in case someone didn't fancy pancakes). My friend said that the skinny fries were incredibly tasty and would have them again. 

The customer service this time round couldn't have been better. All the staff knew what they were doing and we got a table immediately.  We got served very quickly also and we both very much enjoyed our food and have said we will certainly be going back again. I am excited and very much look forward to creating a different stack style. 

The combination I chose was absolutely mouth watering and I would recommend it to anyone who loves sweet pancakes (I certainly have a sweet tooth when it comes to savoury over sweet). I think next time I will go with peanut butter something as I love peanut butter and I am actually surprised with myself I didn't go for peanut butter. 

Have you been to Stack & Still? If so did you enjoy it? What would be your dream toppings on a pancake stack? 



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  1. This sounds amazing!!! This would be great for pancake day haha! X

  2. Omg that looks and sounds amazing 💗💗💗

  3. I love how this restaurant has some many options for different diet plans. I really wish this idea would take off faster as eating out can be complicated if our friend group follows different plans! Your pancakes look absolutely indulgent and I'm glad your second experience was so much better!

    1. It’s so good they have loads of different options especially for this day in age with everyone having different diets. They were so indulgent and yummy! I’m glad my second trip was much more positive too :)

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