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February 13, 2019
Recently I bought a beautiful necklace from Cosmic Crystals after seeing an advert on Instagram of their jewelry. Yes, I'm one of these people who gets sucked into adverts online and finds themselves online shopping very quickly... you aren't alone in this. 

But, in this case I had actually been looking for a quartz necklace for a while. My Aunt gave me a quartz bracelet after coming out of hospital in november and the meaning behind it was moving forward/ on. However I'm very unfortunate that I have very small wrists and it's too big (sad days). So it had been on the agenda to buy a quartz necklace since then. 

If you are new to quartz crystals then you may have a couple questions about them and how they can benefit you. I have put together the two questions I had when picking/ learning about quartz crystals. 
How do quartz crystals actually work?

Well, it’s been thought/ said that quartz crystals have been used in healing for over 9,000 years. Quartz crystals are living objects that release a stable and subtle energy in our bodies. Their stable energy brings us back into synchronization and balance. Specific coloured crystals have different properties that work on different areas and energies of your body.

How can I choose a quartz crystal for myself or a loved one?
It’s pretty easy to choose a quartz crystal actually. Pick the crystal that you are the most drawn to. It is believed that we are attracted to the crystals we most need in our life and that they draw us in as they often have the healing effects we may benefit from. 

Personally I decided to choose the Rose Quartz crystal because it  has the meaning of love and positive energy. Rose quartz is the "stone of the heart" and it symbolises external and internal everlasting love for ourselves and others. It is also said to enhance and attract love and romance in practically any situation. It can also help develop closer stronger bonds with our families and friends.Rose quartz can also help reduce stress and tension in the heart but also help clear out jealousy and resentment we may have towards other people.

I think that the rose quartz crystal is one that everyone in their lives needs because positive energy is such a crucial thing to have. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I currently struggle with mental health and i'm hoping that this may help injunction with other supports and medication to get me back on the road to being the Becca I want to be again.
Cosmic Crystals have a range of rose quartz jewellery (all called love...). I  choose to get the love necklace in silver costs £13.99. Shipping is also very quick which was a bonus for me as I couldn't wait to get my hands on the necklace.

Products mentioned/ photoed

Cosmic Crystals - love necklace (silver)
- Sass & Bell - tropical flamingo trinket dish (also photoed one on my swarovski zodiac pendant nekclace review) 



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