Thank You...

November 01, 2018
Thank you.
What does thank you mean to you?

For me it makes me feel proud of myself, worth, helpful, reliable and like I have made a good difference in someones life. Thank you's usually bring positive and fulfilling emotions.

We as a society take people for granted. We take support from family, friends, work colleagues, teachers, doctors, nurses ect for granted. We take take take off people, but that's because us as humans need support. It's not selfish, it's just human nature. We give back to others, when they are in need or through your job.

Thank you is something we don't say enough. Personally, I don't think you can say thank you enough to people. The two seconds it takes to say thank you, it could put them in a better mood and even make their day/week. We don't know what someone else is going through so it's always good to be nice.

There are different ways to say thank you. You can say it, that doesn't cost anything. You can tip people like your waiter, taxi driver and your delivery man. Yes, you probably haven't thought about tipping your delivery man, but when they go the extra mile to deliver a big item wouldn't you like to be tipped. I know my mum tipped a delivery driver just last week and she said the smile put her in a good mood and he said it made his day. Just a small pound or two could help someone who's on a tight budget by a nicer dinner or get something to be nice to themselves that they haven't been able to afford. You can give someone a thank you note/ card. Flowers, chocolates or in my case i decided to give custom designed biscuits.

I gave these biscuits to my family. I decided to give them these because over the last few months I have been going through a rough patch but, they have stuck by me, helped me and supported me. The smallest thing I could do was thank them. I thought about a card, flowers, chocolates and even writing a note to thank them. But, then I thought... biscuits would be a nice personal touch. I asked for five birds as there is five of us (wish I had asked for a baby bird to represent our dog but hey ho), we are a unit. I asked for turquoise to be the main colour in the biscuits as it's my favourite colour and nothing would be personalised by me if it didn't have the main focus being the colour turquoise.   

So, you will be wondering now where I bought these biscuits. Unlike my post on Biscuiteers biscuit's I didn't by them from there. I bought them off an etsy shop called WookieCookie. The biscuits I had custom designed are based off the thank you gift box. The box comes with 6 biscuits that are all unique. They are different sizes but, all are large biscuits. I loved the added touch of the small biscuit that was wrapped that said love Becca. I didn't expect it and that made it feel extra special to me. I also loved the added touch of the turquoise ribbon, that matched perfectly to the biscuits.

The thank you gift box costs £20. This, I felt was a very good price (doesn't include shipping). These actually tasted nicer than the biscuiteers biscuits that I got sent that cost £45 for 12. In my opinion £20 was fab and, it's lovely to support smaller businesses. I got to eat the cookie and everything about it i loved. The thickness was perfect and I loved the vanilla flavour (you can't go wrong with vanilla in my opinion). You can check WookieCookie out on Instagram.

Before you worry, the box is very well bubble wrapped to ensure limited/ no damage is done to the biscuits during transport/ delivery.

When my family opened the box, they were so touched. All their faces lit up and honestly, it made me feel good and they honestly appreciated them so much, just like I appreciate their help and support and love. There is something nice about thanking someone. It makes you feel chuffed because you have done something nice for someone. I love to see people happy and it's even better when you bring a smile to their face with a kind gesture.

How will you next thank someone and how does it make you feel when someone thanks you?

Becca x


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