Why do people wear makeup

August 13, 2018
Makeup is something a lot of us women, girls and some men love wearing because it's something that personally makes me feel good about myself. If your like me you enjoy putting together makeup looks. Seeing the thing you design in your head come together which is pleasing. Yes, sometimes things don't work out as well as you hope but makeup at the end of the day is trial and error like most things in life. You don't just become amazing at makeup over night. You practice, practice and practice more. There is nothing nicer than having someone compliment a makeup look you have created. It makes you feel happy. 

If you were to ask a group of women and girls why they wear makeup you would get different responses. Not everyone wears it for the same reason. For some it's because they feel more confident with it on, others they don't feel done without it, it's a way for them to express themselves or if your like me you like experimenting with different looks and colours, like I mentioned above.

Most women wear makeup for themselves and not anyone else. However, some feel it's unacceptable to go out without makeup on. They might feel they will be judged if they don't wear makeup. Makeup can make you feel more powerful than you normally would and help you face situations. Makeup can sometimes be an act of self-care. Makeup can be a mask you can hide behind. It can enhance the features you like the most about yourself It can cover that you've not had enough sleep, you have a spot or your stressed. 
I mean, if you had a nasty red spot on your chin and you could cover it, wouldn't you? I certainly would. Though I don't feel compelled to because I embrace that i'm not a superwomen with fabulous flawless skin. Yes, I might be self conscious about it but almost everyone at some stage in their life will have spots. There isn't anything to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. I know that in the media/ society we live in these days it's uncommon to see someone post a selfie without a full face of makeup these days. That's why I loved when the hashtag no makeup selfie came out. 

So, what's the perfect relationship between you and makeup? Well, it's: you, makeup and choice. These are the three things that create the perfect relationship. 
Now, in no way am I say you have to wear makeup. In fact, I don't wear makeup much these days. Three or four years ago I wouldn't even leave my house without a full face of makeup on but now, I go out and don't care if I go out without makeup. I remember the first time I went to school without a full face of makeup on almost three years ago and a boy that was in my primary class and then in my tutor group in secondary school said to me "Becca, I didn't realise you had spots like us all. I thought you had flawless skin". I think this just shows how much you can hide with makuep but also it must have been quite reassuring for him to know that I was just like them all and had breakouts too. 
Makeup can boost your mood and self confidence, yes BUT you certainly don't need to hide behind a full face of makeup to feel beautiful. These days I wear makeup on special occasions or if I feel like it or if I wake up with enough time to do it. These days I would rather have half an hour extra in bed than putting on a full face of makeup. 

Hope that this post was informative and that you don't now feel the need to wear makeup all the time. Remember it's your life and as long as you are making the decision and are 100% with your relationship with makeup then you can brag all you like about it.



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