budget friendly stationary haul for students

August 05, 2018
As back to school, college and uni is quickly approaching us I thought I would share with you some of the stationary bits I have picked up. There is still some bits I need like a ring binder and a planner but I thought that seeing as I have mostly everything I need now I would just do the post. I do also have another note book and some black pens but they are just your bog-standard note book and black pens so... boring. 

I wanted to show that it is possible to buy stationary on a budget as some of the savers shops like B&M, pound land and similar shops do some good quality stationary for half the price of places like paperchase (though one item did come from paperchase). I know as students or people wanting to save some cash that if your into stationary like me it can quickly become incredibly expensive. Its easy to shop for bargains though. 

I do appologise in advance that you may not be able to purchase everything in this blog post anymore as I recently bought some of the things in the pound world closing down sale. However I'm sure you will be able to find similar things elsewhere and I have linked to the closest thing I have found for each item. 

Firstly I purchased some blank playing cards, I bought 200 of them. I love using flash cards to revise so thought these would come in handy and used them as a tool of studying in my recent exams in may. I like the playing cards as you can quickly flick through them anywhere you are and its easier than taking out a notebook or binder full of work. 
Pens, I bought these mermaid inspired pens in the pound world closing down sale and I must say I love them! Mermaid things are really in fashion at the moment but it wasn't that they were mermaid inspired they caught my eye... it was because they are turquoise and pink which are two of my favourite colours. You will probably see a trend in this post of the colour scheme. 

Sticky notes are a MUST for me because I'm always wanting to quickly write notes to myself as sometimes I have a brain of a gold fish. They area also useful for if I want to mark a place in a book or notebook to reference back to later. They are also good for writing down words I am unsure about and want to later find out what it means. These sticky notes I got in the pound world sale. 

Stickers, I do love a good sticker. I don't know why I love stickers so much. I guess it reminds me of being a kid and loving them. I love stickers to jazz up my note books, diary and planner (had a planner last year and loved using stickers with quotes). What I loved about these stickers is you can write on them to organise and remind yourself  of things. I got these in the pound world closing down sale also and you will be glad to know that that's all the pound world things out the way. 
Pencil case... It's a necessity if you want your bag to not be full of random pens, though knowing me that will happen at one point. I'm bad at throwing pens into my bags and thinking i've lost them till I go to the bottom of my bag and find about 10 random ones. This pencil case was from B&M.

Correction tape is also a necessity as well we all make mistakes as we are human at the end of the day. This pack came with three however I dropped one of them by accident and it came apart and the tape unraveled and I'm too impatient to fix it. These ones were also from B&M
Note books just like a pencil case and correction tape are much needed. In lectures/ classes you might want to scribble notes down or just use them for writing your end neat notes to look back on for when you are studying. I got this pack of three mini note books also from B&M. 

Colourful pens, personally find black and blue pens boring. I like my notes to be colourful and bright as it makes me more interested in the content written. I use them to underline key words or to break the writing up with doodles, yes I do like to doodle. They are good for drawing diagrams and writing headings with. These ones are from paperchase and you get 8 in the pack. 

I start college at the end of August and eek i'm beginning to get excited. I'm excited to start my course (administration with digital communications). I'm excited to see what college will bring for me and just excited to move on from high school in general. How many times can I say excited in a paragraph ahaha. But I am just excited but obviously am anxious but being anxious is normal when you are starting a new chapter in your life. Are you going back to school, college or Uni if so let me know in the comments what you are studying and what your favourite piece of stationary you have bought it and also what planners you recommend which aren't too expensive. 


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