Ways to boost your mood on a bad day

July 23, 2018

We all have bad days, yes every single one of us. Even that person who appears the happiest, they too have bad days. For those who struggle with mental health it can be harder, much much harder. Though, there are ways that can help us relive the way we feel a little bit and give us comfort on those bad days. Well, I have you sorted with the list of things I personally find helpful and I hope you find them helpful too.


Blasting some positive upbeat music
This is on the top of my list because well… you guessed, it it’s the thing I find the most helpful. We all like at least one genre of music. If you don’t well… I’m internally judging you ahahha. I find blasting music can take me away from my emotions and thoughts, it sort of suppresses them as I’m so caught up in the song I’m listening to. Positive up beat songs are the best at uplifting our moods. Here are the five songs I love listening too when I’m feeling down and a wee bit about them.

No tears left to cry by Ariana Grande – Ariana came out with this song after she picked herself up after the tragic attack that happened at her Manchester concert in May 2017. The song represents the resilience and strength we have to have in even the hardest times. 

New rules by Dua Lipa – This song by Dua Lipa is about keeping a distance from someone who is bad for you and is about setting rules so that you won’t get back with that person.
I’m gonna be 500 miles by The Proclaimers – I couldn’t be Scottish without loving this song, it just wouldn’t be right. It’s just so catchy.

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield – This song is about living life to the full and not planning everything as we have no idea what might be around the corner. It reminds us that each and every day is a blank page and it’s up to us how we go about filling our days.

Last hope by Paramore – This song reminds me that there is always hope and the lyrics “It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me glowing. And when it's dark out--no one's around--it keeps glowing” are just so beautiful!


Having a boogie
Usually when I’m listening to my music if I’m feeling down I have a boogie about. It’s not uncommon knowledge that exercise/ movement releases endorphins (happy hormones) into our bodies. It can relieve stress and just generally make us feel a wee bit better. Also, having a boogie about can be enjoyable unlike a hard, sweaty workout. Though, I do love a good old sweaty gym session for making me feel better I must admit but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Cups of tea
There is nothing better than a good old milky brew in my eyes, but everyone likes their tea differently. L-theanine which is found naturally in tea has been proven to be reduce anxiety and relax the mind. Oh and not to forget those biscuits to dunk in the tea. My favourite biscuits are gingernuts. What’s your favourite biscuit?

Quotes is something I find so comforting, I’m not too sure why though. A good old quote/ affirmation can make me see things in a different light, it can also open my mind in how I’m feeling. Sometimes it can be hard to explain or even understand how we feel and sometimes quotes can hit the nail on the head. My room is full of positive uplifting quotes. There isn’t anything better than waking up in the morning and reading them, it can make my day better. You can find good quotes on twitter or on google images. Just type the sort of quotes you are looking for. 


Keeping a diary/ journaling can help you understand the way you feel. I know I find journaling incredibly helpful as it’s almost like when something is written out it makes sense to me and I can somehow leave it behind. To make journaling more interesting/ creative I add stickers and I use colour pens. I do love me some colour full things. If you couldn’t notice from the pictures on today’s post I do love the colour turquoise, it’s my favourite colour. I’m actually not sure why my blog theme is pink and white… maybe I should rebrand my blog? What do you all think? Would you like it more if it was turquoise and white or should I stick to how it currently is?

Oh tangle I love you… I don’t know why I didn’t by you sooner. In fact I love you so much I have two of you. You have been a life savour on days that I feel fidgety/ anxious. You keep me occupied and grounded. I could play/ fidget with you for hours. The tangle is better than a fidget cube in my opinion as it doesn’t make a sound so it keeps it discrete. They come in different colours too which is a bonus.

What are your favourite things to help boost your mood, I would love to know and it might help others if they are looking for new ways to help improve their mood.

Note book- Kate Spade
Pens - Paperchase
Tangle- Amazon
Stickers - kikki.k

Becca x


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