How the law of attraction can help you

July 20, 2018
Very few are aware of how much the law of attraction can impact on their day to day life. Whether we do this intentionally or unintentionally. On a secondly, minutely and hourly basis we act as magnets. Human magnets to be precise. We send out our thoughts, feelings and emotions through our words, body language and the way we generally act/ hold ourselves. We attract what we put into the world and what we are focusing on in our lives.

So as a result of positive thoughts we attract positive results and the same can be said about negative thoughts... we attract negative consequences to them. So to make it simple if we want positive experiences we need to have positive thoughts.

The process of learning how to use the law of attraction to enhance your life takes time, it’s a process. But most things in life is a process, nothing comes easily. The use of the law of attraction takes time for the results to come about. Patience is an important quality for a fulfilling and successful life and as I was told as a kid “patience is a virtue”.

So how can you use the law of attraction and what for you may be wondering? In fact there are many ways you can use it to enhance/ improve your life. The fact is that the law of attraction is already working for you but if you start intentionally thinking and feeling what you want your life to attract for the law of attraction to start working better for you.

How do I start using law of attraction? Well, the first thing is first you need to make the decision. You need to decide what you want to attract. This could be something small or something major but you need to be 100% clear on what you want to attract. Make it real in your mind by imagining the thing you decided on. Don’t just think of receiving it but also how it will alter your life after and how it will change your world.

If we don’t feel we are deserving or worthy of what we are seeking to attract the thing is it probably won’t happen. These deep, subconscious worries, doubts and anxieties send messages loud and clear. If you feel in any small way you don’t deserve what you’re seeing, some of you is competing with your wish/ dream.

When I was in therapy my therapist talked of radio signals and I think it fits perfectly here. So, if you imagine your tuning your radio. As you flick through the radio stations in-between each stations you get a muffle. This is because two stations are competing for the signal. It’s the same when we feel any form of anxiety. These thoughts and feelings interrupt and compete with our wishes and desires. They are competing constantly just like the radio stations do. It’s hard to free ourselves completely from our fears and anxieties and feelings of being undeserving and not worthy of something.
It might be our instinct to throw phrases like “I deserve this” or “don’t be scared” but this can be ineffective as they can reinforce the negative emotions. Though, we can fight these anxieties, worries and doubts by acknowledging them. If we are aware of them we can approach them with affection and kindness.

We experience these feelings for many reasons and are usually deep-routed. There could be a whole host of reasons you may feel this way. It could be from something you did that made you feel unworthy or something someone has said to you. These things are painful and hurtful so of course it’s natural you feel frightened or hesitant.

This step is crucial because these competing signals can be strong. We can however weaken the signal and try to change the route of the thoughts. We can approach the feelings with the love and kindness that you would feel towards a lonely, helpless small child. When we love ourselves we open up the possibility of receiving our greatest desires and we begin to only desire the things that are best for us.

Being aware of who and what we attract and how we influence these can help/ shape us as people. It can help us feel happier and more content within ourselves. I mean, if we are driving positive things towards us why wouldn’t we feel happy and content? Yes, life can still throw some hurdles and bumps in the road but we can all get through these challenges life throws at us.

Do you think you will start using the law of attraction? What are your views on it? Do you believe we attract what we feel and give out to the world?
Becca x

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