Naked Skin Foundation Review

July 26, 2018

The naked skin foundation by Urban Decay has been a staple in my makeup bag for well over a year now. In fact I have two bottles of it. One my winter shade and the other my summer shade. I think this is when you know you love a foundation! But do stick around to know more about it because that can’t just sell you on buying it. Well, unless you really do trust my opinion without knowing more.

The naked skin foundation retails for £28.50 though sometimes you can get it cheaper when Debenhams or other department stores or Urban Decay for that matter do promotional deals/ sales. I personally felt that £28.50 when I first bought the foundation was quite steep. But that’s probably because it was the first ever high end foundation I have bought. High end makeup is something I am still pretty new too I must admit, I own bits and pieces of high end makeup and the things I do have I deeply adore. This foundation is what I was looking for in a foundation, which I never found in the high street.

The foundation is vegan so that sold me instantly, not because I’m vegan myself but I always try my hardest to buy cruelty free products where I can. Yes, I know there is always an alternative for a non-cruelty free product but I do admit I am a creature of habit. It’s a down fall of mine that I need to work on.

The foundation itself is very liquidy. Now this can have its down falls… it can get messy. But overall I like how it’s liquidy because it means it is very buildable in coverage. You can start with a small amount and get a light coverage (almost bb cream or tinted moisturiser coverage) or you can use more and get a medium to full coverage. I personally like a medium coverage all over my face and add a bit more foundation in the middle of my face. I personally find that the middle of my face has the most redness/ imperfections, not that you need to feel you need to cover them.

When I apply this foundation I use a brush to blend it out and then go over with a sponge to blend it out more, I do this with most foundation. I have tried this foundation with just a damp sponge and it didn’t work, the sponge soaked up all the product. That was disappointing but because I don’t use sponges to directly apply makeup normally it didn’t bother me. I don’t find that when I blend the foundation out it soaks up the product. The foundation provides a demi-matte finish. This is great for those who have dry skin, but could be an issue if you have oily skin. I personally have combination skin so I always powder my t-zone on default just in case. Though on days I haven’t, to test the foundation out fully it didn’t slip around as much as most foundation. Though because I’m a glasses wearer the foundation does come off around the top of my nose, this happens with all foundations I have tried so it didn’t surprise me. If you have tips of keeping foundation on around your nose if you’re a glasses wearer do let me know in the comments.  

So will I be repurchasing this foundation? Hell yes! I think I always will be repurchasing it, unless it’s discontinued… which would break my heart. Do I think it’s worth the money? Definitely! Do I recommend the foundation? Ehhh… what do you think by now? Of course I do! It’s in fact I must say it’s currently my all-time favourite foundation, that’s me saying something because I’ve tried my fair share of foundations over the last five or six years of me wearing makeup.

Have you tried the Urban Decay naked skin foundation? If yes, did you get on with it and would you repurchase it?

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  1. I haven't tried this foundation, but this isn't the first glowing review I have seen. It has a lot of supporters which intrigues me... I might just have to pull the trigger on this one
    Britt |

    1. It's a great foundation! I hope you have purchased it as it is certainly worth the money :)

      Becca x


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