My photography

July 30, 2018
Photography is a passion and hobby of mine. It has been since I was 13 or 14 years old, I'm now 18. Photography is a way I can express my creative side. Photography is something that's special. It captures precious memories and seconds of history that we cant go back to, but we can always go flicking through photos. I guess that's why i love photography as it captures precious moments and when you look back through them you somewhat relive the memories. Photos are marvelous things.

I thought that I would share some of my favorite photos I've taken over the years. These will just be snippets of memories which are precious to me. I will start with my most recent photos and go through pictures which are older. 
To kick things off I am starting with photos from the start of July 2018, where we were in Mallorca fro a week as a family. I haven't included picture with many people in this post, most pictures are scenery or of objects.  

These next three photos were taken in 2017 (I do take photos more often but we would be here forever if I didn't narrow them down) on a lovely spring night where me and one of my friends went for a walk. I took loads of photos but these were the three that stood out to me and the others had her in them.

These photos were taken in the Lake District in 2017 on a family holiday. We went away as a family with my gran and grandpa and my grandpa's sister. 

These next photos were taken in Aberfoil  in 2016. We went to Aberfoil with two other families for a weekend away. It was a lovely relaxing trip with a lot of short walks.

These last photos were taken in Mull in 2015. Mull was yet another lovely relaxing family holiday with a lot of sightseeing and short walks. Scotland really does have some fantastic scenery 

Hope you enjoy having a look through the photos. What was your favourite photo out of all of them? If I'm honest I don't know what is my favourite one ahahah.


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