Oreo Cake ft Betty Crocker

May 25, 2018

Hey everyone,

Recently I have been getting into baking, it’s always been something I have enjoyed but its becoming something I do on a much more of a regular basis. I did a class at school in this last year called creative cakes and honestly, it’s been such a good outlet for my creativeness. I love coming up with new ideas on how to decorate my cakes.

Today’s blog post is all about this yummy Oreo cake I made. I personally love 0reos, they are so yummy dipped in a glass of cold milk. I had seen pictures of peoples Oreo cakes online and it got me inspired as to how I could put my own twist on it.

I used the Betty Crocker red velvet cake mix, which I have been loving… its so easy to make and if you’re anything like me, your too lazy to weigh out your own ingredients. It also helps minimise the mess you can make while weighing ingredients out and all you need to add with this cake mix is 3 eggs, 105ml of vegetable oil and 200ml of water. These three things are usually in our house anyways, well water is always. With the Betty Crocker redvelvet cake mix all my cakes and cupcakes always turn out light and moist, which is something I always look for in a cake. Who wants a dry, dense cake? Not me for sure.

While my cake was in the oven, I got started on the most important part… the Oreo buttercream. I used 1 tub of the Betty Crocker vanillabutter cream and put 4 Oreos into my NurtriBullet to make them crumbly though did make sure there were some slightly bigger chunks so there was texture. I mixed the tub of butter cream with the oreos and waited for the cake to come out the oven.
When the cake came out the oven, I put it in the fridge after taking it out of the tins. This helps the cakes cool quicker than if they were just left out on a cooling rack on the work top. If your anything like me I’m very impatient so anything to quicken the process of anything I will always do. Once the cakes were cooled I levelled them off, you can use the excess cake you cut off to make cake pops or you can eat it.

Then it was time to put butter cream in the middle of the cake to sandwich them together, this doesn’t need to be done neatly… just lather it on. After the two cakes were sandwiched together I then used half a tub of Betty Crockers vanilla butter cream as a crumb coating. This helps catch the crumbs of the cake and stops them coming through onto the final layer. I placed the cake back in the fridge for 20 minutes for the crumb coat to set, it’s ready to have the final layer when the crumb coat is tacky to the touch. I then put generous amounts of the Oreo buttercream I made earlier around the sides and the top of the cake. I used my pallet knife to level it out and make it neat.

I had Oreo buttercream left after doing the final layer around the cake so I piped 12 swirls on top of the cake, this also helps portioning the cake. I then added a square of Cadburys mint Oreo chocolate on top of each swirl. I crumbled an oreo around the swirls, having more on the outside to less in the middle. A gradient affect. In the middle of the cake I halved 3 Oreo thins, though only used 5 halves and the other half got crumbled into the edge of the cake.

This cake is probably the nicest one I’ve made so far. It’s given me ideas of other cakes I might make in the future. The next cake I’ll probably be making now is me and my twins 18th birthday cake, though might end up having to make 2 as we are having 2 parties. If anyone has suggestions of cakes that would be good for birthday parties do let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you like this style of blog post as I know I’ve never done a blog post on my baking and if you do like them let me know what sorts of cakes you would like me to make.

Becca xx

*no items talked about in this post were gifted, payed for or i was payed to write about them. All opinions were my own

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  1. Yum! I love eating cake but I don't think I have the patience to ever make it haha. And I hear baking is pretty precise, more than cooking. Anyways this looks absolutely delicious! x


    1. I love eating cake too! If I would skip savoury food any day for a big old slab of cake. It is precise, it's a science as my cake craft teacher told me last year. It's certainly harder than cooking. With cooking you can most of the time wing it.

  2. WOW that cake looks amazing!! I really do wish I had a creative side when it comes to baking! I bet it tasted so nice too! I love Oreo, and I love a good pre made cake mix so all you've got to do is put it in a bowl haha!! x https://lifeofshar.co.uk/


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