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May 27, 2017
Hey everyone,
Hope you are all well and enjoying your bank holiday weekend so far! 

Today I have a post all about seventeen cosmetics. Seventeen cosmetics is a UK based cosmetic company and you can buy their products in boots stores and online. Their products are very reasonably priced and are in the middle of the price range when it comes to drugstore makeup. Their prices start at just £1.99 to £10. What a great bargain! 

If you have been following me for a while now, you will know that back in September/ October time you know that Seventeen kindly sent me a  package with a few of their products to try out. I have since done a review of the easy on the eye the big smoke palette and the mega matte lipsticks which was up the other week ago. Since the last review seventeen kindly sent me another package of goodies to try out so I thought I would put together a post about each product I have tried from seventeen, some I have bought myself and others I have been kindly sent. If a product has * next to its title it has been sent to me to be reviewed. I am going to do a bullet point list of key points so if you want to see full reviews of the products just let me know below and if i have already featured a product in a previous post I have put a link to it.

Before I start this post i just want to say some of these photos are from previous blog posts just because some of the items are now looking worst for wear because I use them so often. 

I hadn't ever tried loose powder before and had always wanted to try one but just didn't know what was a good one to try... I decided to try the seventeen one because I had loved all the products I had tried by them.
  • Cost £5.49
  • Helps the makeup stay in place and gives a matte finish
Unfortunately when I looked on the boots website it looks like they wont be getting anymore stock of this powder... I guess I will be looking for a new loose powder now because i am almost out of mine. Do you have any suggestions of loose powders?

Stay time foundation 

  • Costs £6.49 
  • Comes in 6 shades and they cater for more lighter skin tones
  • Stays put on the skin all day

Skin wow primer*

The skin wow primer has been on my list to buy for well over a year now, and I was pleasently surprised when this was sent to me. This is a very versatile primer. You can use it as a regular illuminating primer before your foundation or mix it in your foundation or over your foundation as a liquid highlighter. Personally I have tried all three ways and i must say i prefer it under my foundation or as a liquid highlighter. 
This is quite a full coverage foundation however when used with a damp beauty blender/ sponge it can look very natural and I love pairing it with the skin wow primer. 
  • Costs £5.99
  • Helps the skin look awake and bright

Easy on the eye the big smoke palette *

There was a funny story to this palette, I had already bought it myself and then seventeen sent me another so I kept my old one and gave the new one to my twin because I didn't see the need to have two of them and also my twin loves makeup so it was only nice of me to surprise her with a brand new eye shadow palette. 
  • Costs £7.99 
  • Has 12 shades, 8 of which are powder and 4 are cream
  • Good colour range - purples, greys and nudes 
  • Blendable shades and easy to use
You can see my full review of this palette here

Define and conquer contour kit*

This is THE perfect contour kit, the contour shade reminds me of the benefit hoola and the highlighter is a matte one so its something different but its one that definitely works well and gives a natural glow. 
  • Costs £5.99 
  • Easy to blend
  • Natural sculpted look 

Brows that brows kit*

This has to be one of my favourite brow kits of all time, I have tried 4 now and if I’m honest none of the ones I have tried have really made me think ‘wow this is a great brow kit’. However this is definitely got me wowing over my brows.
·      This kit wouldn’t be great for lighter hair colours however for me it is ideal as I have darker hair
  • Cost £5.99
  • You get a wax, powder, highlight, mini brow pencil and a mini brush

Mega matte lipsticks *

Now I must say I was scared to try these lipsticks because I really dislike matte lipsticks but you know something, they were actually much better and easier to use than any other matte lipstick I have tried. 
  • Costs £4.49
  • Creamy to put on but and dry matte in the matter of a few minutes
  • Great pigmentation 
  • Last all day long 
You can see my full review of the mega matte lipsticks here

Hope you liked hearing my views on seventeen and the 7 products I have tried by them. Seventeen is probably one of my all time favorite brands. 

Have you tried seventeen cosmetics, if so what is your favorite product. Mine has to be the brows that brows kit.


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  1. I love this post; mostly because I'm learning more about make up. Plus, the photos look so good. My fav has to be the lipstick because lipsticks are my go-to and those shades are really beautiful

  2. What a great post! I am so glad Seventeen cosmetics are working for you :) Can't beat products that are purse-friendly!

  3. Seventeen make up is fab! I love their lipsticks, always got good staying power. I really want to try their loose powder, it's about the only thing I haven't had a chance to try yet. Great post hun.

    Jordanne ||


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