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May 24, 2017
Hey everyone,

Becca here and hope that you are all well. I just want to apologise for missing my last two uploads, things have been hectic with exam  but I will be back to my schedule as of today. My next upload will be Saturday as I said in my last post I will be posting three times a week: Monday, Wednesday (which will be a guest post) and Saturday’s. If you want to guest post you can contact me via my contact page. Anyways let’s get into the post that Beauty Folio (Emma) wrote for you all and I hope you enjoy! Make sure to check out her blog and let us both know in the comments what you think about this post!

Make-up enthusiast’s everywhere will recognise the pure joy in finding an eyeshadow palette which is not only great quality but also affordable. In the last few years, high street/drugstore make-up brands have really upped their game and are beginning to edge their way closer to competing with higher-end cosmetic companies.

I have to say that among my favourite affordable make-up brands, MUA is one which I use on a day-to-day basis and keep coming back to. Their products, which have beautiful packaging and are great quality, beat a lot of other brands hands down. Their eyeshadow palettes, which often have a selection of 10 shades within them, are their best product and for the price, could be changed seasonally if desired.

Here are just a few of my favourite palettes from MUA…

This palette contains 10 powder eyeshadows, in a mix of satin and shimmer shades, which are all highly pigmented and blend beautifully. There are also two cream metallic shades, which have an incredibly smooth texture, which can be used as cream eyeshadows or on the face as a highlighter. What I like about this particular palette is that it is versatile, as it has so many shades and uses. I also really enjoy the pearl and satin finishes on the shadows which have shimmer without being glittery. All the colours complement each other perfectly and you can achieve so many looks just from just the one palette.

The Luxe palette in Utopia has an array of eyeshadows in a range of shades which would look great on every skin tone. The shadows themselves have a beautiful pearl finish and don’t have too much fall down. Due to the format of the packaging, you can also blend shades together to create even more looks which makes this one of my favourites! I love to use a flat eyeshadow brush or my finger to press on the shimmer onto the centre of the lid but it would also look great all over the eye. I also love the fact that this particular palette has a large mirror and is slightly smaller than the recognisable MUA packaging as it is perfect for popping into your make-up bag.

I love versatile palettes and this is definitely one of my favourites. The mix of matte and shimmer shades from pink and golds to browns and blue/greys means not only can you create every look from a neutral look to a smoky eye, but the matte brown shades are perfect for brows too! As you can tell, the pink and gold tones are well-used as they are my go-to shades, especially in spring and summer. The shadows themselves are so soft that they almost develop a creamy texture which means they blend nicely across the eye. There isn’t too much fall down either and they wear well throughout the day, even without an eye primer. I have to say that if you love a nude eye, you won’t go wrong with this (it has even been described as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette!).

MUA Winter Forest Matte Collection – RRP £4.00 (Available at Superdrug while stocks last!)

This seems the wrong time of the year to be promoting a winter palette however the tones in this collection are stunning and couldn’t be missed out. The intense pigmentation of the matte shadows provides endless colour combinations and is perfect for those with both a cool and warm undertone (there really is something for everyone!). The shadows aren’t powdery at all and even though they have deep colour pay-off, they still blend very well. Despite it being a winter collection, I believe all of these shades can be carried throughout the summer months and would be perfect to use as liner or on brows. You really can’t beat a matte palette and I can’t recommend this one enough!

*When Becca came to find this pallet on the superdrug website and the MUA website she was unable to find it. However a quick HINT is that sometimes MUA bring out the same palette two years and a row as Becca had seen the Spring break palette that Beauty Folio is about to talk about last year and the year before however not this year. 

RIP Discontinued MUA Palettes…

I am sad to say that two of my all-time favourite palettes from MUA are no longer available. If you ever see the Ever After Matte Collection palette or the Spring Break palette for sale, I highly recommend you make a purchase. As you can see, I’ve hit pan on the Ever After Matte Collection as the shades are perfect for every day. The Spring Break palette, with a combination of shimmer shadows, gave such an array of quality colours that had an amazing pay-off. I’ll miss both these palettes however it is the perfect excuse to purchase replacements which is never a bad thing!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of my favourite MUA palettes. There are so many in the range that I will definitely be adding to my collection over the summer (MUA Professional Soft Suedes, Focus Palette and Enchanted Palettes are already on my ‘to-buy’ list). If you have any personal favourite MUA palette’s then let me know!

Take Care, Emma @ Beauty Folio

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  1. I've never tried an MUA eyeshadow palette before, but all of these look stunning! I especially love the look of the Utopia palette xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I've never tried MUA but after reading this, I really wanna go try it out!

  3. They all look so good plus the photos are stunning; makes me want to get these palette! And Emma is so knowledgeable about this topic; way to go👏


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