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August 07, 2016
Hey loves,
As you can see by the title today this is a guest post... so let me introduce you to Imogen who
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Bath and beauty are the products I'm drawn to most when I'm strolling through town or scanning
some online shops and I thought I'd share my top 5 with you guys because I reckon I've found
some real gems and to make it even better, every product is under £10! Of course it's super
important that you pay attention to what you're using because everything is applied to your skin.
Everybody's skin is different, and if you're anything like me and your skin is hella sensitive then you'll know it's can be a struggle finding products that won't irritate you or bring you out in a rash -
especially bath products. I've mentioned 4 of these products in previous posts before so if you
want a more in depth view you can go and have a look. But anyway, let's get started!

Lush D'Fluff shaving soap

I've been using this for around 4 years now and I absolutely swear by it! I used to get the most
horrendous shaving rash on my legs (I went to a festival once, applied suncream and my legs just
started bleeding - that bad) but D'Fluff leaves my legs silky smooth and rash-free, what more could
you want?! It doesn't specifically state on the product info that it's for sensitive skin, but how could
it not be if it works so well on me! You can either get a 70g or 150g pot and I usually go for the 70g
which is only £5.75. It lasts me a good couple of months - even with my boyfriend stealing some
- but if you want to go for the 150g that's still only £9.95!

Nature's Soap Goat's Milk Soap with Poppy Seeds in Lemon & Maychang 

God that's a long title! This is probably one of my newest favourites as I haven't had to that long but every product I've
tried from Nature's Soap has been incredible. This soap is definitely my favourite of the bunch
because I'm a massive fan of citrus scents and the poppy seeds make it feel like you're getting a
massage everytime you use it - if that doesn't convince you to go and pick some up then I don't know
what else will! Each time I've told people I use a goat's milk soap I'm met with a lot of disgusted and
confused reactions but it's so calming and also perfect for sensitive skin - so don't knock it til you've tried it! Plus, a bar of soap is only £4.50 which I would consider to be quite cheap for the quality that it is.

MUA Cream Colour Corrector in Green

I've had this for about a year now and only hit pan a couple of months ago. It's so easy to apply and
it covers so well for saying it's a cream - something I never usually get on with! Colour correctors are
100% essential to me, especially as I have so many red marks and blemishes that need to be covered.
I'm a big fan of MUA in general but these are my personal favourites from the brand as a whole. Every colour, including Green, is only £2!

Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Color in Creme Caramel

I wrote about this Maybelline range not too long ago because they're a great dupe for the Kylie lip kits. I've got the shades Soft Taupe and Creme Caramel and the colours are super similar to Dolce K and Candy K, but the formula is a little different. They're flex-colour so they stay all day and although I do prefer Kylie, I wear Creme Caramel for work quite a lot because it's a gorgeous everyday pinky-nude! Each colour is £8.99 but I seem to find it on offer for £6 in Sainsbury's quite often.

I Heart Makeup Highlighter in Goddess of Faith

I've tried a few different highlighters in the past few months and after finding this I know that powder
highlighters are best for me! I have super oily skin so any kind of liquid/cream highlighter just doesn't
sit right on me, and it's a massive bonus that this colour and pigmentation is absolutely gorgeous. It's
perfect for my pale skin (when I say pale I mean near transparent) as it's quite a neutral colour, one
that I think would suit most skin types. I use this pretty much every day now and I'm still glowing after a full days work! This is only £4.99 and you can get it from Superdrug or TAMBEAUTY.
Well I hope you've all enjoyed this post and I'd 100% recommend every single one of these products
 - they're my favourites for a reason! If you did enjoy this and fancy reading some more of my posts
 I'm over at Penchants & Prejudice - there are links to my Twitter and Instagram over there too, I don't get up to much but I reckon I'm pretty entertaining! Anyway, have a great day guys!

Share your favorite bath and beauty products with Becca and I in the comments!

Imogen x


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