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August 25, 2016
Hey lovelies,

Today I am  kicking off my new blog series, it's a very exciting day for me! I have decided after I saw Imogen do an etsy series I thought "there are so many small etsy shops needing some love" and that's why i have decided to do a similar series.

I had seen Rosie's Wax Melts on instagram and was very excited to try their products out! I bought the heart shaped oil/ wax burner which is £3.50 (a great steal and very good quality). It is pictured above! There are five different types of wax/ oil burners to choose from and they are all very reasonably priced and also come bubble wrapped and in a box.

I also bought the rich raspberry soy wax melts. You get 5 of the wax melts for £2.50. The wax melts last for ages as they burn into a liquid consistency and when you blow out the candle the liquid consistency sets hard and then you can heat it up again the next time you light the candle.

They were so kind to me by giving me 2 sample bags. I can't remember the names of them as i got rid of the receipt. I thought it was lovely of her to add in some free samples for me to try! Will definitely be repurchasing wax melts!
Lots of love 
Becca x


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  1. This Etsy shop seems to cute and it's nice of them to give you samples! X


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